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Bamboo Container

This bamboo container is made of one piece of bamboo (internodal), with the naturally grown nodie forming the base. An aso motif is carved into it, like a hidden detail on the object. The container is stenciled with aso motifs in black lacquer in the upper third and on the base. A woven band is attached to the upper edge. The lid with groove is carved out of wood, it is also decorated with different aso motives. A small loop made of rattan represents the handle and can be fixed on a belt.

This container could have been used for lime powder for betel nut chewing or as a means of transport for food.

Object Bamboo Container
Culture Iban(Dayak), Borneo, Sarawak
Time 20th century
Dimensions Height 28,50 cm,  diameter 5 cm
Material Bamboo, wood, rattan, lacquer