The handle is to be seen as a teaching piece for a remarkable “Dusun” stylization form. The leeches -(Islamic: Dusun) are largely abstract and regrouped.

The original basic motifs, such as heads and aso-dragons (the underworld deity), which receive the heads and transform them into new life, are still recognisable in some approaches, but loosely scattered and no longer grouped so strictly. In many places the spiral is still visible. Typical are the graphic-looking low relief and the compressed shape of the handle.

The silver braided handle is very unusual and speaks for the high quality.


Object Mandau-handle “hudo nayang”, “so-op”
Culture West-Borneo, Sabah oder Sarawak, Dusun-tribes
Time 19th century
Dimensions Length 18 cm
Material Stag antler, silver
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