Dagger “dohong”

A dohong is a double-edged, lancet-shaped dagger or sword. The light-coloured wooden handle is grooved, the metal handle is decorated and designed in V-shape. There is no longer a scabbard.

It has ritual significance and was used at festivals for the dead (tiwah). Also on soul ships a figure tempon telon is often depicted, who holds a dohong in his hand to ward off evil spirits. According to tradition, it was used by the women of the village to greet the returning men after a successful headhunt. 

The handle can also be decorated with human hair and other examples include small amulets and animal teeth as appendages.

Object Dagger „dohong“ „duhong“
Culture Borneo, Dayak
Time Late 18th century
Dimensions Length 59 cm
Material Steel, wood, brass, animal hair
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