Fetish lidded tin “lupong manang”

This fetish basket is a shamanic box made of wood, rattan strips and rattan wicker. The lid has a knob in the middle to open the box. At the front side two small grimacing squatting figures are attached, which are decorated with eyes of white pearls. The undersides of the figures are decorated with rattan wickerwork on which various coloured beads and buttons are threaded.

The two figures are supposed to protect the shaman, but also to drive away evil spirits. In such lid boxes the shamans of the Dayak have kept all their “paraphernalia”. These are magical objects they used for healing, oracles and predictions.

Object Fetish lidded tin “lupong manang“
Culture Borneo, Dayak
Time 20th century

Height 20 cm, diameter 16,50 cm

Material Wood, rattan, line, beads, buttons
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