Shield “kliau” 

This shield is a pure combat shield. The shield is made of one piece of wood, the handle on the back is carved out.

In the horizontal direction a total of twelve rattan bands in zigzag pattern are fixed with a dark brown rattan band. Rattan strips are also attached to the back. These decorative elements offer additional stability and prevent the wood from splitting in case of attack.

Vertically, a wider split bamboo stick is attached, which provides additional stability. At the top of the stick there are also bead strings attached as decorative elements. The shield is painted in one colour with brown pigments.

Object Shield “kliau” (battle shield)
Culture Borneo, Zentral-Borneo, Dayak
Time 19th century
Dimensions Height 115 cm, width 34,50 cm
Material Wood, rattan ribbons, textile, wool, beads, pigments
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