Hip decoration “fikum”

Object Hip decoration „fikum“
Culture Bontoc, central-northern region of Luzon
Time 20th century
Dimensions Diameter approx. 19.50 cm

Shell disc ( Pinctada fucata ) engraved with geometrical patternsVisible side with tortoiseshell button, backside with wooden button and held together by a string

This mother-of-pearl shell disc is decorated with the typical black coloured geometric incised decoration along the outer rim.  The disc is perforated in the middle and has a tortoise shell button on the front and a wooden button on the back.

These discs of gold oysters were only worn on the belt as a status symbol on special occasions and celebrations by high-ranking, deserved warriors of the Bontok, in the north of Luzon, the northern island of the Philippines.

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