Necklace „pangalapan“

Probably one of the most impressive neck objects of the Philippines, called pangalapang. This necklace is made of six to eight trapezoidal disc segments of the shell Pinctada maxima. Two holes are drilled in the upper corners to attach the discs to a woven rattan band. The chain is closed at the end with a bow or a coin.  In the lower part of the discs are linear patterns, which can also be found in tattoos.

These jewellery objects are worn by men and women. They are supposed to represent prestige and status symbols.

Objekt Necklace “pangalapan“
Kultur Philippinen, Ifugao
Zeit 20th century
Maße total: approx. 50 cm

6 engraved mother-of-pearl plates with geometric pattern, dyed black, rattan woven

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