Glass Bead Necklace

This necklace consists of 114 separate twisted strands of blue glass beads, with one orange and one red bead strung on each end. The necklace is fastened with linen fabric, a linen eyelet and a coin (rupee).

The fine patina indicates that the owner wears it frequently. These necklaces with such an extensive number of beads strands were worn by wealthy Naga women. Men wore more sparsely decorated chains. The necklaces remained in the family as heirlooms or were passed on as a dowry.

Usually the beads of such necklaces came from India, larger beads may have come from Venice, France or China.

Object Glass bead necklace
Culture Naga, India/Burma
Time Around 1900
Dimensions Length 70 cm,  weight 724 g
Material Glass beads, linen, coin
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