Metal Ornament, „taiganja“

The inside of the oval is decorated with four spheres and a ripple pattern. The serrations on the outer edge represent rice ears. In the middle of the top there is an eyelet for hanging up. There are different motifs in the design and interpretations vary from region to region on Sulawesi. On the one hand they are meant to symbolise virginity, wealth and invulnerability, on the other hand they serve as decoration on the headbands of the girls for the transition into adult life. It was a piece of jewellery for aristocratic women in old Islamic coastal regions or a gift to the bride’s parents. For weddings they were also worn in groups on gold chains as necklaces around the neck. Through the magical powers of the “taiganja” they were kept in special jewellery boxes in the house.

Object Metal ornament, „taiganja“
Culture Central-Sulawesi, Palu, Kaili
TIme 20th century
Dimensions Height 6,6 cm, width 4,5 cm
Material Brass
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