Silver earrings „loran“

These earrings were only worn by men who had extremely widened ear holes. These peach shaped earrings are made in a hollow form and have three small balls as feet. Further silver beads can be found in the middle of the outer edge and as a crowning. The small shred of red fabric is intended to protect the earlobe when worn, but also has ritual significance. These earrings were often exchange gifts between the bride’s parents. The piece of jewelry on the right side is representing a human figure and is hung with a string of beads. Tanimbar jewellery was strongly influenced by the trade with Java and Bali as well as other regions of Indonesia, which is reflected in their design language.

Object Silver earrings „loran“
Culture Tanimbar, Moluccas
Time 20th century
Dimensions Height 5,2 cm, Width 3,7 cm
Material Silver, red fabric
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